Hannah Ida


It all started with a flea market guitar. 
In the summer of 2017, young artist Hannah Ida, started to learn some basic chords on her guitar. 
Soon after, she started to write songs about her surroundings, love, sadness, fear, happiness, society and challenges of our time.
Very much inspired by singer songwriters like Alice Phoebe Lou or SOKO, she started to include jazzy elements into her calm melancholic indie pop sounds.
Hannah Ida’s songs reflect raw, acoustic sounds, englobed by rebellious and mysterious texts, describing her path of growing up and finding uniqueness.
For Hannah Ida, experiences and intimate feelings, individuals and society are central themes of her songs and sources of artistic inspiration. Sharing music with human beings surrounding her, is like a secret valuable and precious conversation for the young artist. Her warm and melancholic songs flawlessly reflect her authentic and independent spirit, seeking for adventure and experience