A third culture kid of Luxembourgish and British heritage, Ben Lowe is a self taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer who writes and performs under the alias Melu. He signed his first publishing deal at 18 after dropping out of high school to pursue music. Since then he has released a number of EP's and singles under different projects. 
As Melu, Ben marries elements of jazz, blues and pop, with the latter being the dominant ingredient to his sonic identity. His music is influenced by 15 years of music discovery. Notable artists that have shaped him to date include: Bon Iver, James Blake, The Dead Weather, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Jack White and Flume, to name only a few.
His live shows vary from large and loud performances with his full setup of controllers and instruments to small intimate gigs, performing only with an electric guitar or keyboard, depending on the audience and venue. The stage name, Melu, was realised through a feeling of home sickness and nostalgia whilst living in the UK. The name served as a way to connect with Luxembourg and it's people. 

Melu is an abbreviation of the Luxembourgish and European folklore, Melusine. With artistic license, the word Melu has another meaning, synonymous with friendship and embracing diverse cultures.

Instagram: @itsmelunow

Facebook: @itsmelunow