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Screaming Fields 
Song Contest

Congratulations, NINON!

The fifth edition of the Screaming Fields Song Contest, organized by Rocklab, in partnership with Ministère de la Culture, Film Fund Luxembourg, SACEM Luxembourg and Eldoradio was once again met with incredible enthusiasm by young local up-and-coming songwriters, MCs and beatmakers. The jury, composed of the partners of the contest as well as local artists and songwriters, had no easy task choosing the final winner among more than 20 candidates, who all sent in their song ideas according to this year’s theme “Tomorrow Starts Today”.


In the end, NINON convinced the jury with subtle lyrics carefully blended into lo-fi pop sound aesthetics. The young artist, with influences ranging from David Bowie to Billie Eilish, composes, records and produces her songs on her own, keeping control of everything. Her eclectic style breaks free from classical pop structures and follows one single logic: feeling.


As a happy winner of the Artist Package offered by Rocklab and the partners of the Song Contest, NINON will now be looking forward to working with a local producer in order to transform her initial idea into a finished song. A video shoot will follow, before the song will be locally broadcast and released in 2024. An extensive follow-up program at Rocklab, including vocal, songwriting and musical coaching and mentoring sessions will help the young artist develop her artistic and songwriting skills.

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