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You are young, creative and have something to say? You like songwriting or producing your own music? Then stay tuned for this year's edition of Screaming Fields Song Contest. Applications will open later this year!

Why a Song Contest?

The Screaming Fields Song Contest  aims to give young singer-songwriters, bands and bedroom producers the opportunity to showcase their creativity and share it with a larger audience.  Each year, artists can submit their demos and song ideas on a specific theme and win the Screaming Fields Songwriting Accelerator, enabling them to record their song idea, produce a music video and release their single. Former winners include: Ninon, Maz, Æm, Francis of Delirium, Emily Grogan.

Screaming Fields Song Contest is organized by Rocklab, with the support of Ministère de la Culture, Film Fund Luxembourg, Sacem Luxembourg and Eldoradio.

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