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Selection process

  1. Call for Applications - now closed!

  2. May 15th: Unveiling of the official candidates + Launch of the online voting on the Screaming Fields website and start of the selection committee's deliberations.

  3. May 31st: Unveiling of the festival line-up

  4. July 6th: Festival day at Rockhal Club (free tickets already available)! + Announcement of the festival prize winners after the show


Festival Line-Up:

Next to the public voting, a preselection committee of local promoters, music experts and artists determines the candidates they deem ready to perform at the festival. They will consider criteria such as originality, live potential and the overall diversity of the final line-up. Both votings (committee & public) count for 50% each.

Nicole Bausch (artist - Nicool)
Paul Bradshaw (booker - Rockhal)

Thomas Faber (artist - Maz Univerze)

Godefroy Gordet (freelance journalist)

Laura Leuck (journalist - Eldoradio)

Vicky Zeimetz (promoter - A-Promotions)

Festival Winners:

On the day of the festival, a selection committee composed of Rockhal's board members, Rockhal's booking department and artists determines the winner of the Screaming Fields Live Music Accelerator. The Booker's Choice prizes are determined individually by each booker or promoter present.

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