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Screaming Fields Festival 2023 - Winners

Culture the Kid

Screaming Fields Live Music Accelerator

The Screaming Fields Live Music Accelerator is a programme designed by Rocklab to help an emerging band or artist to take their live project to the next step.

It includes:

  • Project Follow-Up and Mentoring Progamme

  • Vocal, stage and technical counseling

  • Live rehearsals

  • Free access to Rocklab's rehearsal rooms

  • Live opportunities

  • Entrepreneurial coaching session by Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg: audience development, community engagement and  overall project development

  •  Gift voucher of 200.- EUR offered by Stage Music


The Booker's Choice:


As each year, local promoters and show organizers selected their favourite artists to give them further gig opportunities at their venue or festival:

  • Attitude Music: Sempervirent

  • Beautiful Decay Festival: Sempervirent & Zana

  • Commune de Clervaux: Skuto

  • Commune de Sanem: Ninon

  • E-Lake Festival: Skuto

  • Prabbeli Wiltz: Culture the Kid & Gone Machado

  • Rotondes: Ninon

  • SNJ: Fulvous

  • The Grund Club Luxembourg: Ninon

  • Ville de Dudelange: Sempervirent

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