Screaming Fields Festival 2021 - Winners


Rockhal and Rocklab have the pleasure to announce the winners of the 11th edition of the  Screaming Fields Festival. Out of 6 bands and artists, who had the chance to play at the Rockhal on Saturday July 10, several have won one of the prizes offered by Rocklab and the partners of the event.


Chasey Negro
Rocklab Package
sponsored by the Ministry of Culture

  • Rocklab membership & project follow-up

  • Tailor-made support measures (technical/musical counsel, songwriting workshop)

  • Presentation of a live set during a Rocklab Session with audio-video recording

Lara Grogan
Songwriter Package
offered by The Grund Club Luxembourg

  • Songwriting workshop

  • Invitation to one of the Club’s live shows

Booker’s Choice:

Moreover, Rocklab invited several bookers, who are keen to support emerging artists, to choose their favourite acts for a gig at their festival or venue:

Anne Funk, selected by
Ville de Dudelange

Chasey Negro, selected by
Den Atelier

Culture The Kid, selected by
De Gudde Wëllen

Lara Grogan, selected by

Chasey Negro, selected by

Lara Grogan, selected by

Culture The Kid, selected by
Trifolion Echternach

Chasey Negro I Photo: Claude Piscitelli